(a 101 guide)

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who we are (and why we're different)


OUR MISSION STATEMENT: To empower, lead, and spark a conversation within our community by creating damn good live theatre. In the Cedar Valley, made by the Cedar Valley, from the Cedar Valley.


  • Working in and with the northeast Iowa community

  • Putting marginalized people at the center of our stories

  • Tackling stories, conversations, and ideas that are unaddressed in our area


We're using our tools to create. We are a work in process. We're the scrappy little cousin to the longtime theaters of our area, and we will always be artists creating.


The Cedar Valley is vibrant and growing.  Riding the wave of local breweries and restaurants, independent artists and musicians, Scene D fits right in. And though there are independent theatre companies popping up all over the state of Iowa, none are yet in the Cedar Valley.

Our local theatre scene has two long-standing community theaters and the UNI theatre program. Because of this 100-plus year history, Scene D is uniquely positioned to explore in new directions. We’re excited to expose the Cedar Valley to works that folks wouldn’t see unless they hop in the car to Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, or Chicago.

Also, we love it here.


For stop kiss, our premier production: 

$8,000 raised
Performances averaged 77% capacity

2.5k in ticket sales across three performances
2/3 of patrons new to area theatre
75% of Tech leads were not men
100% of Stage crew made up of area youth
a transgender director
Female author, Female Leads

A BOLD LOOK on love, violence, and self-discovery

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Where'd the money come from?

Total funds: $8,000

our partners

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(shout out to our loads of awesome local donors.)


...and then what did we do?

In the Next Room, or the Vibrator Play was presented as a staged reading at the Hearst Center for the Arts on October 18th, 7pm, as part of their Red Herring Readers Theatre. The above art from the show headlined the Marin Gallery’s *blush: The New Sensorium exhibit. Photography by Jacqueline Kehoe; the model is Samantha Reece.

the show brought in 139% of full capacity.



Next up?

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So I Could Be Macbeth is a night of songs and monologues performed by actors who would never otherwise get cast in the given role thanks to their age, gender, ability, or race. These pieces may help us all see wider definitions of what it means to be [insert label here] — and that our current definitions are too small.

March 5th, 7pm, hearst center for the arts


How do we keep going? (And where might that be?)

We want to keep producing meaningful, message-driven work.
We want to produce works from, by, and with the local community.
We want to give the Cedar Valley something it's never seen.
We're exploring avenues for funding, growing our team, and in the middle of our next project.

In short, we want to do more of the same.