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Who we are

Scene D is an independent theatre project based out of the Cedar Valley.

Our focus is art with edge. A dash of boundary-pushing. The spark of an ignited conversation. We seek to shine light on the stories that aren’t being told, centering on material that's unafraid of real life.

We are a team of local artists that are all about diversity — think LGBT artists, female-led tech teams, and casting outside of racial lines. We strive to give opportunity to those in our community that might normally be overlooked.

We are moving to be one of the first established independent theatre projects in the Cedar Valley.



what we're doing Next

christians event3.jpg

The Christians / Rock & Bach Studios


april 25-28

Twenty years ago, Pastor Paul's church was nothing more than a modest storefront. Now he presides over a congregation of thousands, and today should be a day of celebration. But Paul is about to preach a sermon that will shake the foundations of his church. A big-little play about the power of belief—and the trouble with changing your mind. How do we communicate with each other over the insurmountable distance that is our differing realities?

Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.
— Robert Bresson


Partner with us


We are partnering with local makers and creators: people who are putting the Cedar Valley on the cusp of something fresh, and people who know that independent, local art is important. Thousands have heard about us, and thousands more will see future works. We can take your message to our audience members and supporters: people who value local creators, businesses, and new experiences. Let us connect these community-engaged people to you, and you to them. (Note: Your donation can be tax-deductible. If you require proof of 501(c)(3) status, let us know.)




be a sponsor

You will be one of the key supporters in the work we are doing, and we will make sure our audiences know that — your logo on posters, a hearty thank-you in our program, shout-outs at our shows, and plenty o’ love on social media. 

$50-  $500

advertise in our program

We will put your message in the hands and in front of the eyeballs of our audiences — both online and in-person. Mentions and quarter-page to full-page color ads available in our program — let’s talk details and find what works for you.


let's swap promos

It’s 2018, and there’s any number of ways we can exchange audiences and successes. You scratch our back, we’ll scratch yours. Let’s figure out how.



If you’d like to support our project in other ways, freakin’ fantastic! We’re looking to partner with organizations and individuals who appreciate our vision, regardless of how we can team up.





What we're about

The Cedar Valley is a vibrant, growing place. Riding the wave of local breweries and restaurants, independent artists and musicians, Scene D fits right in. And though there are independent theatre companies popping up all over the state of Iowa, none are yet in the Cedar Valley.

Our local theatre scene has two long-standing community theatres and the UNI theatre program. Because of this 100-plus year history, Scene D is uniquely positioned to explore in new directions. We’re excited to expose the Cedar Valley to works that folks wouldn’t see unless they hop in the car to Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, or Chicago.

Scene D is a theatre project because we're using our tools to create and because we are a work in process. We're the scrappy little cousin to the longtime theaters of our area. 

Let’s keep it local, and let’s grow together.